July 26, 2006

My eyes are up here!

Yes I'm talking about Boobs! Breasts, titties, nords, ninnies. What a fascinating subject.

You know it was just about two years ago I made a realization. As I was walking down the street I realized it wasn’t just my hair that was getting stares... (looking down)… but it was these! The Boobs!

This is a subject many write about… A LOT!

Psuacoustician’s most recent post, “Was it nipple erecting and awesome?”, Is sure to attract attention but she’s talking about the Indigo Girls concert she went to.

Green_canary cracks me up with her post, “Hello, and welcome to my boobs”. I wanted to run out and buy a food scale.

I even, recently, blogged about bra shopping and the lazy eye phenemon.

It amazes me how two mounds of flesh can stir up so much attention. They are the joke, the desire, the fear.

I once dated a guy who was an ass man but by the time we broke up he was a boob man… or at least while we were together he was. Or there was this party I went to and everyone was married except for two of us. One of the women said to the single dude, “With that hair and that chest you need to talk to her cause I can’t believe she’s single.” Well, that was flattering… I think?

I’m more than just hair and boobs, but evidently, it attracts both good and bad attention. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. Maybe I’ll just buy some minimizers?

**Photo courtesy of John B