July 22, 2006

Yes it’s that time again!

I hate bra shopping! It’s comparable to car shopping and that isn’t a lot of fun until your done. Bra shopping is a pain in the ass and when you’re done your just happy you’re done. There are so many makes and models of bras not-to-mention colors. They all have different purposes and no one bra can do it all. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell my cup size in her main line and spilling out over a bra is tacky. This is also known as “Quadra Boob” (see photo).

With the heat we have been having, the office has been cold… really cold. So cold, I can feel it in my… ummm… yeah boobs. I’m often found wearing a jacket around the office because I really don’t like my headlights on plus it just gets that cold sometimes.

My goal with my bras is that headlights are not noticeable because I have fear of “The Lazy Eye”. I have been searching for a picture of this phenomenon, for post, and can’t seem to find one suitable. The lazy eye is when the nipples are pointing in different directions. For some women this is, evidently, just the way they were made. With women with larger breasts is tends to be misalignment of the nipples when the bra is put on. This is made worse when women are older and had many kids and I think you get my point. There are many case scenarios.

For me this has not been a problem…yet, but it is definitely a fear.