July 23, 2006

Cocky gets you Nowhere

I just finished reading and commenting on Brico’s most recent post. And I sat on the couch to watch some mind numbing television before bed. I settled on The Contender on ESPN. I loved this show last season. Nothing better than watching a boxing match!

I missed most of the show but was just in time for the fight. Prior to the fight they show each fighter in his prep area with his family. The Dad and the girlfriend show up for the guy from the yellow team and they are supportive and encouraging for him. The wife and child show up for the guy on the blue team and again all encouraging and supportive but there before the family leaves they have a group prayer and they all hold hands and bow their head. This is reminding me of Dog, The Bounty Hunter. They guy asks for God to give him this win and this bothers me. Why can’t he ask God for strength? That’s like me asking God for the pretty watch I saw in the store window. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

The Contender only has them fight 5 rounds and Blue Trunks does really well in the first two rounds. Yellow Trunks can’t even touch him and it’s as if his arms are too short and he can’t seem to dodge the right hooks he getting to his jaw, not-to-mention the powerful uppercut he received.

The blue team is excited and so is Blue Trunks wife, who is standing with her arms straight up like she is Rocky and acting all cocky. Blue Trunks himself seems calm about the situation. I can’t tell you how much I hate cocky people.

Round 3: Yellow Trunks kicks Blue Trunks ass and it’s very exciting. Blue Trunks
wife is now sitting with her arms crossed. I think she’s pouting?

Round 4: Now Yellow Trunks is getting cocky. He does the Popeye swinging of his arm, round and round, and a funny little dance. I’m thinking this is just gonna bite him in the ass.

Round 5: Yellow Trunks got bit in the ass. He even went down… but got back up. We all know who the winner is... Blue Trunks.

I believe that if you get cocky you’ve lost focus or your just simple minded and don’t understand the big picture. Blue Trunks never got cocky only his wife did, but I didn’t like his approach with his prayer and I feel he needs to rethink that. I guess his prayer is “Television Prayer” and insincere. Yellow Trunks should have never gotten cocky, especially, after the horrible first two rounds he had. He paid for it in the end.