July 23, 2006

Numbers and Letters

I was walking to my car after work, on Friday, and I saw this license plate and it got me thinking. It wasn’t a vanity plate or anything it’s just sometimes I will crunch numbers in my head, e.g. if a house number is 2131 it totals 7 or 5722 totals 16 but then that totals 7. Yeah I know silly things like counting as you walk, which I did when I was little, to see how high I counted just walking to my friends house.

If I see letters I will figure out what they could be an acronym for but this is usually for memorization purposes. Sometimes its fun on long drives.

My ex husband had a car with a license plate that started with WFN. He was trying to memorize his plate and I suggested that he remembers it as an acronym. He came up with Wife For Now and we laughed. Little did either of us know

OK so the plate I saw ended with TFB. I really like this one… maybe I will use it someday.

"Tough Fucking Bitch"