July 12, 2006

Oh the gluttony of it

I did it again! I wasn't even very hungry but I ate the whole damn thing!

Thai Old Town has the best Chicken Pad Thai with plenty of spices, and then some... if you want. I have never been able to get enough spices with the Chicken Pad Thai anywhere else but Thai Old Town.

One of the things I love about their Pad Thai is it helps with migraines. I'll get an order the next level of spicy. This then forces me to drink a ton of water to put out the fire thus fulfilling my body's need for hydration to work with my migraine medication to kill the migraine sooner rather than later. Well... it works for me.

It bothers me that I just can't seem to control myself lately and it goes down so easy. Every time I promise myself to leave half for lunch the next day and it just doesn't happen.

At least I'm not the only one. For a while there we had Thai Buddies within the office. We would team up in twos and promise to share the meal. I did hear of some reneging on their teammates mid purchase, which is just WRONG! Then both end up gluttonous, once again, defeating the whole purpose of Thai Buddies in the first place.

As you can see this is an issue with many of us, thus forcing us to limit our trips to Thai Old Town Restaurant. Except, of course, those special occasions like an officemate's birthday. The problem then arises that this is everyone choice for his or her birthday lunch and we still end up there quite often. They have become quite familiar with this group since we are many and we are often and this is a small place. I don't think they were very happy when we came in with 22, except for that fact that we had reservations and we tip them well because they definitely keep our waters filled.

Keeping the water filled is very important because the spice can be awesome. I am noticing a trend though. More and more of us are ordering our food spicier than ever before. I once thought if I got it spicier then I'll drink more water then I won't eat as much. It worked for a while but seems I'm ready for the next level of spicy.

Oye! My face will soon match my hair.