July 14, 2006

It finally happened!

No… Red still has not gotten a hot date.

I saw him!

I have been dying to see one of them, but with the new route for the next few weeks I knew the probability of seeing any of them was slim.


1. "Pink Mini Skirt Dude"
2. "Walking Man"
3. "The Grandma Dressing Man"
Last time I saw “Walking Man” I swore that the next time I saw him I would roll down my window and, in a Mrs. Doubtfire way, I would say (yell) “HELLLLLLOOOOOO Walking man!”

Well… it finally happened… but not quite as I expected. I picked up Mini Red from camp and on our way home, in traffic, I suddenly saw him! There was no time to get the window down and I started bellowing. Mini Red was shocked, to say the least, and was looking at me very strangley before she started laughing and choking on the apple she was eating.

I was so excited to see one of my boys! Everytime I see one of them it just makes my day, and I needed this today, or rather this week.

My commute has been hellacious due to the location of Mini Red’s camp. I have been spending approximately 3 hrs a day on the road. It is well worth it because Mini Red loves this camp more than any other camp she has been at. It is this reason I extended time there for two more weeks.

Great excuse for telecommuting, which I will be doing tomorrow