July 25, 2006

View from my desk

1) Three bamboo stalks given to me, by Sabeen, with a note that reads. "Red, for keeping away the black clouds." Sabeen and I have come to the conclusion that everyone has blacks clouds and some are worse than others and at different times.

2) My Lavender Aromatherapy plant. I was showing it to a coworker and explained that you need to rub it with your fingers and then smell or you really can't smell it. She smelled my fingers and when I pointed it that she just smelled my fingers she turned beat red and laughed her ass off.

3) School picture of Mini Red with braces from a few years ago in a frame my Mother painted.

4) An Anthurian plant also know as a Lady Jane. I found little mites on it today. Let the battle begin because I will prevail!