August 20, 2006

Are you ready????

For some FOOTBALL?

Brotha-Man has Redskin season tickets that include a tailgating party. He was unable to go to the game so Dad and I went.

Last season I went to a game but we got there late and left early. This time was so much more exciting. We arrived early for the tailgating party but we needed to find it first. I’m glad Dad has been there before because I wouldn’t have known where to look for this party. They had all sorts of games and happenings going on. We headed for the food tent where they had dogs, burgers, ribs, beans and coleslaw. We sat down and ate as we watched other football games on the screens in the tent. The Band came by and played a few tunes before marching on. We walked down a little further, after we ate, and there was a stage. The Cheerleaders arrived and I felt like I was invading in Man-World. I wanted to step back and out of the way but Dad seemed happy standing right up front.

The cheerleaders posed, performed, answered some questions and posed some more. Next they were getting ready for a raffle using the numbers on our wrist bands but first they had some trivia. They were down to the last question and they pulled Dad up there. He won a key chain. At this point I’m praying for the raffle cause I was just dripping standing there in the sun. Our numbers came close twice but no luck.

We hiked up to our seats, which were awesome. The breeze helped too!

But then… our seat mates showed up. Two really loud excited boys. They sat down and spilled their soda, which pooled at my feet. The dad soon showed up and couldn’t believe his son had already spilled his drink but sent him off for another. They boys started yelling out, even obscenities in Spanish… they were yelling non-stop! I was surprised their dad didn’t say anything to them.

From where we sat we could see everything! It was amazing the number of people on the field. Then they got everything started… the cheerleaders, the band with their headdresses and the music was going when they shot fireworks. It scared the crap outta me. They did it again when the Skins players came out and it scared me again. I was happy to see them pull those things off the field.

I was enjoying the game but then the Jets scored. The Skins came back in the second quarter to tie it up. But before the cheerleaders got back into position the Skins kicked off to the Jets who caught the ball and ran right through all the Skins with no problem and scored. Uggggh. This is how the rest of the game progressed.

We left at half time because Dad said it would only be second and third string at this point. Plus the game didn’t mean anything since it was preseason. By the time we got home the third quarter was over and the Skins were down 20 to 7. The final score was Jets 27 Skins 14.

I had a great time and I have never been so excited about Football season.

Go Skins!