August 22, 2006

The week in review:

My last day of vacation I spent a portion of the afternoon drinking at Seacrets with my family. We had a blast but I knew it was time to go home when I cut up my foot on a rusty metal chair in the bay. When I sobered up I realized I probably wasn't up-to-date on my tetanus. Oops!

I drove home from the beach much to Mini Red's dismay. I got home in time for a telecon and got a little work done before running off for the tetanus shot and to pick up Kima. Nicole was in town from Chicago so three of us got together for a girl's night out dinner in Bethesda.

I had tickets for the NATS game and the girls were going out. What better way to get ready for my birthday than a girls night out at the game. We had a blast. Getting home was almost torture on the metro but I finally got home around 11. I cleaned up a bit and sat down to check my email. My night suddenly went down hill fast. The first email I came across told me my Aunt's husband died. This was so sudden and I was worried about my Aunt. The next email was rather unusual. It was from the sister of a man I have been talking to online. She was very nicely asking me to back away from her brother because she feared him getting hurt. This was very upsetting to me because I knew I couldn't. This is a man I had not yet met since we have only been in touch online. I know it all sounds crazy but I had such a good feelings about this guy and the possibilities.
As I'm emailing the sister back Nicole gets home (she was staying with me for the week) to find me in shambles. I know… What a PANSY I am!
I know… why would I be in shambles? If you put together the drinking and elation of the NATS winning, finding out about my Aunts husband, PMSing and being asked to back a way from a dude I'm very interested in. There's a lot of shit going on there. So I finally get to bed around 2am.

Uggggh! I'm 38 now!
Nicole treats me to Starbucks on our ride in to work. I review the email to the sister and add a few things before sending it off. I feel better about that now. Whew!
I was taken out to lunch by my co-workers and met up with Dad for dinner at Olazzo in Bethesda. I drove out to see my friend in Columbia before heading back to get Nicole in Bethesda. It was a full day.

Mom and Dad had thrown some money my way and said have fun so I decided to get my nails done at my favorite place in Alexandria. My regular girl wasn't there and I feared she left that salon. I hadn't been there in so long and all the faces were new but I figured they were all just as good. Boy was I wrong. I wasn't thrilled with my manicure and it was peeling by the next morning. On top of that I noticed so many bad cleaning habits of tools that I was appalled.
After work there was a surprise party for my Aunt's birthday (not the one who's husband died). She seemed really surprised and had a blast.
I picked up Nicole and we went to get our eyebrows waxed before it was too late. We really looked like Frick and Frack walking out of that place with our red faces.

I woke to notice I had some burns on my eyebrows from the wax. Just great!
I called the nail salon to complain but I don't think they really heard me. She kept insisting on fixing my nails and I refused.
I was excited for this day since the dude I've been chatting with online was due to arrive home.
My brother offered tickets for the Redskins pre-season game and I wanted to go so bad.
The girls got together again, before Nicole left, at the Georgetown Waterfront. It was so hot out and I think we all sweated off a few lbs. We left and decided to pick up some food for us and crickets for Kima and headed back to my place for a movie. I know we are low key but that's how we like it.

Nicole and I got up at 4:30 to get her to the airport. I was so sad to see her go and she made the week so much more bearable. I got home and crashed until Mini Red called me from the road. My Mom was coming home for the funeral so this saved me a day of driving to and from the beach.
I picked up Mini Red and we were off to purchase school supplies. This was not fun but I was glad to have the time with her before she went off to her Dad's for the next week.
After that it was all chaos… unpacking, repacking and I was getting ready to meet up with my Dad to go to Skins game.

Sunday was pretty uneventful since I planned on sleeping in and being a bum. Then this chick kept trying to get into my apartment even after I opened the door, looking like the biggest crap pile, she still tried to walk past me into my apartment. Finally, she got it.
I got ready and headed out for the wake. I hate these things but we wanted to be there for my Aunt.
After the wake I went home and put on running shorts and a t-shirt and headed to my friend's house in Columbia for dinner. I never usually dress down this much but thought we would just be hanging out. Until I found out they had other guests. Oh well. The food was awesome and I read to the boys before they went to bed. I so wish I had more kids maybe I can have Mini Red read to me before bedtime?.

It was a jam-packed week and I'm exhausted. There was good and bad and they all seemed to offset each other. There was just one more thing I was waiting for and that was to hear from the dude who I finally heard from Yesterday. I felt like I had been holding my breath waiting to hear from him and finally make plans to meet. My pessimistic side tried to keep me in check but it didn't help when I got the news that he was rekindling an old relationship and we wouldn't meet. I felt I had been through so much with him even though we never met and I was very upset. Was his sister's email a test I failed? So I am still wallowing a bit (a/k/a pansy ass) and this surprises me to no end considering we never met in person. I shouldn't be surprised I guess because this seems to be my running theme with men (*insert Debbie Downer tune here*). When he marries her this will make five guys (yes, I'm including him) that have walked away from me and married someone else.

Friday, Mini Red and I are off to PA to visit my Great Aunt. She is 94 and been a nun for 72 years. We will be staying in the convent again. After our last visit Mini Red decided she wanted to be a nun, but that only lasted about a week. Maybe this trip will be good for my mind and soul.