August 30, 2006

Blah blah blah Tuesday

Today, I got some good news that has brought me more joy than I have experienced in a long time. I am taking action to protect myself, but more importantly, Mini Red. There are times when you feel so beat down that you figure there is no hope and you have so many doubts about yourself. At one point I even said to Mom, “Am I being delusional and should I just give up or is it a valid concern that he is wrong in his actions?” She said I was right and should do whatever is necessary to protect Mini Red and myself and she and Dad are there to back me up. I had to then ask her if maybe she was biased. She paused, laughed, and said “No!” So after today I have the beginning of my resolution to settle this crap and with any luck maybe I can scare the fuck outta of the bastard. One can only hope.

I hate the grocery store! But I needed supplies for two lasagnas and a few other items such as fruit and a Brita filter for my faucet but when the bill comes to over $100 I can’t help but feel frustrated. It adds up so fast with the filter at $20, ground beef at $10, and dinner being Shrimp at $7 plus I spent at least $20 on fruit. Gas prices go down and the grocery store jacks em up. You just can’t win.

One of the lasagnas is for my cousin and his wife who watered my plants while I was on vacation. Thank goodness they did because my jasmine is blooming again and they smell wonderful. The other is for my sister’s boyfriend who is coming over Wednesday to sit with Mini Red while my sister and I go out.

Going out on a Wednesday is unusual but it’s a special occasion. YDH is performing at The Baltimore Comedy Factory competing for Baltimore’s Funniest Person. The last time he did this was two years ago and our boss got a limo for us. He even had it come to Maryland to pick up a few of us. He filled it with alcohol and sent us off telling us to have a good time. And that we did.

Mini Red seems to have plans of her own though. She called my Sister’s boyfriend tonight and reminded him of the pool here so he might want to bring his swimsuit. She also asked him, “Have you ever heard of my Mom’s world famous lasagna? No? Well, she is making some for us for tomorrow night.”

We dropped off the lasagna to my cousin’s and get home to find my phone ringing. My friend Ra’s husband is really sick and they don’t know what is wrong. His fever spiked to 104 today and scared them. She had tried to call me earlier but I accidentally left my phone at home. She just wanted to talk to a friend and know that someone would come over and sit at the house with her two boys if she had to take her husband to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Since I wasn’t answering she called another friend who is a friend of her husband’s. She was amazed at how short this woman was with her and hung up on her when she was just asking for some help. The kicker is this woman is what Ra calls a “Bible Thumper”. Wouldn’t this be the type of person who would jump to help a friend out rather than lecture them and hang up? You can go to church all you want but you need to practice what you preach. For me to help I would need to gather up Mini Red, but you know what… that’s no problem. My friend is in need and all she needs to do is ask.

So I had Mini Red pull her clothes out just incase we had to run out in the middle of the night. I kissed her good night. Put the second lasagna in the fridge and cleaned up.

Time for bed!

Sleep tight
Don’t let the bed bugs bite
But if they do
Hit em with a shoe
And they will be black and blue