August 2, 2006

Keep on Honking

You know… I’m not a confrontational person. Therefore I’m not much of one to honk. I don’t even like to give the polite honks to tell some idiot to look up cause the light has turned green. I have been that idiot, zoned out and didn’t see the light turn green.

Every once in a while a situation comes along where you need to lay on the horn. I’m not talking the situation where they’re about to smash you against the median or another car. This only scares the crap outta ya. I’m talking some idiot making a slow right turn from the middle lane and stopping two lanes of traffic. This is when you LAY on the horn because your really just wondering what the hell happen to their brain cells to give them the idea they own the world.

So this exact scenario happens on Georgia Avenue last week and I saw a big ole car pile up coming from behind me. I LAYED on my horn and she slowly moved over and made her right turn. I was flustered but that only lasted a second before I made a huge realization. That felt good!

To just lay on that horn in all my righteousness and drive off knowing I would never… could never do such a thing because I’m THAT good of a driver.