August 1, 2006

What the Poop!

We did a cricket run yesterday. Mini Red put some crickets in Kima’s tank this morning and when we got home she still had about half left.

Hmmmmm this isn’t like her not to sloppily and loudly chomp them all up.

No biggie she will eat them when she wants EXCEPT... this round of crickets CHIRP!

What the POOP!

Yeah POOP!

In an effort to better my language, especially since I am a Mom, I am replacing the work fuck with the word POOP. It needs to be understood that it isn’t just the word POOP but it should be said with the proper inflection, e.g. PoooP! Definitely an exclamation at the end there.

I have been utilizing this for at least a month now and the reactions of those around me has been very amusing. Some start laughing and I have recently found out a male co-worker of mine sings the Poop song to his dog when he takes him out for walks. He swears the dog needs the song to pinch his loaf.

I had one person say: “Don’t Fucking use that language with me”. I suggested he use PoooP instead of his bad words. I think he fell off his chair laughing.