August 7, 2006

The Minnies Drive Home

I went to show a photo of Mini Red, to a fellow blogger Friday night, from the photos on my cell phone.

I had completely forgotten that Mini Red had asked to use my phone on the drive home from the beach the weekend before. I had no idea she took so many photos of her and her Minnie Mouse.

This is Minnie Mouse mooning the camera. Mini Red put a for sale sign on it.

Mini Red shows her love for Minnie by giving her a kiss. You can see I'm oblivious in the background since I am paying attention to the road.

Mini Red attempted to take a photo of her and Minne but Minnie seems to have been cut out. Minnie you are OUT!

In an attempt to redeem herself and show Minnie her love she added this frame to a photo of Minnie.

Another photo of Minnie for this Minnie photo shoot. Maybe she was drinking since Mini Red had to hold her up.

Now it's time for a photo of just Mini Red.

The camera then got turned on me and Mini Red said, "Mom! Look like LOVE!"

Yeah I know... doesn't look much like Love to me either, but Mini Red was happy with it and that's what matters most.