August 8, 2006

Ahh she got me... I’ve been tagged!

Miss Chatter tagged me! Oye! I have to write five weird things about myself. I’m not a real fan of these but I will play along. I know Tish will love this.

1 - I can burp. Without carbonation by sucking in air bubbles and I can do the alphabet. A story will be blogged about this soon.

2 - My right thumb is triple jointed and this serves no purpose and doesn’t supply me with any funny stories.

3 - I can touch my tongue to my nose as well as my chin. Friends once swore I must be the long lost child of Gene Simmons.

4 - My Father’s side of the family all live in the same county. This includes two Aunts, one Uncle, 9 of us cousins and our 12 children. Actually… all of us live in the same town except for my brother but he is still in the same county. For a total of 34 of us on my Father's side.
My Mother’s side are all within and hour of each other and in this small state of Maryland. This includes Two Aunts, one Uncle, 7 of us cousins and our 3 children with one on the way. This totals 20 of us, with one on the way, on my Mother's side.
Every Christmas I see every last one of them... from both sides.

5 - I haven’t traveled much but I have been to Korea. I was on a bus tour and we stopped at a truck stop for food and I got the only thing that looked safe. I got sick as a dog and later found out it may have been dog. Ewwww

I’m going to tag Tish, Brico, Dawn, Kilgorsky and the Mad Cabbie even though he is out of town. He can get it when he gets back. This is all out of love and respect guys cause I love your blogs.