August 10, 2006

What A Jam Packed Vacation Day!

We didn't get on the beach til about 1pm. The ocean was FABULOUS today! The waves were calm and Mini Red reconnected with a friend she had met on the beach a few days ago.

We decided to hit the Beach Party at Seacrets. Mom was gonna hang back with Mini Red. Dad, my sister, cousin and I headed on over.

We had a table on the beach and could see most everyone in the water on the rafts. There was a couple sitting near us who seemed to get real drunk real fast. He had a nice tuft of hair coming from his butt crack. They were wildly making out and tongues were everywhere. She soon disappeared and we saw her making her way back in from the water trying to look sexy. What made this really funny is she was wearing a nice skirt and long sleeve blouse, no swim suit. Plus when she was trying to get her man's attention he was taking a picture of this group of women. This completely ruined her sexy exit from the water.

We moved ourselves under some cover and to check out the band. Not many people were there but the ones who were had thrown a lot of drinks back and it showed. The lead singer was trying his damndest to get people dancing so he started bribing them with t-shirts and hats. This was working! He then got them to do a conga line and that gots things started... at least for a little while. We loved watching them. I was able to capture some pictures with my camera phone.

Check out this guy who was in the conga line:

Here's more of him with the ladies:

We were having ablast watching everyone when my sister noticed this woman:

Where is her belly button?!?!?!?

We got home clean up and headed out to the White Marlin Open (WMO) to see what the catches of the day are. We got there just in time for two boats coming in. The first had a White Marlin weighing in around 68 lbs putting it in 4th place. Caught by a lady Angler.

The second boat had a Wahoo fish. The WMO requires the Wahoo to be at least 45 lbs to qualify and this one was 28 lbs. They might not be able to use their Wahoo for the tournament but it will make for some great steaks.

We ended the evening walking down the boards and listening to a little J.R. Booker at the free concert series on the beach. Mom enjoyed the dancing. The moon was bright orange and if I were in the west I would've said it was a sunset but it was the full moon rising and it was beautiful. I wish I could have captured a photo of it.

My feet now hurt and I'm tired but it was a great day!