September 6, 2006

Baby, Baby, Baby!

Incase you missed it Baby Suri was unveiled tonight on CBS Evening News With Katie Couric. I really never cared but when Katie Couric stated the photo was coming up I just couldn't move.

"Photos of Suri with her parents in a photo shoot by Annie Leibowitz will appear in print in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine out Wednesday."

Speaking of babies as I was watching Miami Ink I was touched to see Ami babysitting Yoji's little girl. Nothing hotter than some macho dude caring for a baby.

The artists' on the show are amazingly talented artists. But sometimes there is the ridiculous like on tonight's show. Their local celebrity came in to have her famous grilled cheese tattooed on her chest. WTF!?!?!?

She sold the grilled cheese for $28,000! WTF?!?!?!