September 5, 2006

It feels like a Monday... Doesn't it?

It's cold and rainy and in all accounts a Monday except it's Tuesday. The nastiness of the day has overridden the fact that we had a three-day weekend. An extra day off work should put anyone in a good mood.

Not this chick… Well… except for Johnny's comment on the last post. Thanks dude!

Right after I got home yesterday Mini Red arrived with her Dad who has a knack for pissing me off. They were supposed to get Mini Red a book for school but his excuse was "I got her other stuff at the Renaissance Festival instead." WTF!?!?!?

So I take Mini Red to get her $5.99 book that's needed for class, we run some errands and I took us to dinner. I decided to give Bertucci's, at White Flint , a second chance because that's the kinda cool chick that I am. Yeah… ummm… Nope, they screwed it all up again. Mini Red looks at me and says, "They're annoying you, aren't they Mom?" I replied, "Yes, but I'm not going to let it get to me." There will be no more attempts in satisfying my carb craving there after giving them a second chance.

Our conversation turned to the weekend. She was beat tired after the Renaissance Festival on Sunday and said it just wasn't as much fun anymore. No Mud Show, No Wooden Horse ride and Hack and Slash have the same show as the past few years. So Mini Red requested that she and her Dad not go on Monday as originally planned. As our conversation got more involved I learned of more reasons why she didn't want to go. I wish I could put give more detail but let's just say he isn't make the right choices. Mini Red is ok but now it's my turn and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure she is safe and happy.

Last night did not go well and Mini Red and I discussed this situation for a good portion of the evening. This led to many tears but a plan to maybe try and help him, but more importantly make sure she is safe.

So with the cold and the rain and the impeding situation I am not a happy camper today. But wait there's more! I read one of the blogs I frequent often, MiniJonB, to find his statement on how he is 36 and this is twice as old as 18. Then I think "I'm 38, twice as old as 19. So I have known my ex for half my life. Ugggggh."

What a depressing day this has turned out to be.

Maybe a pillow fight with Mini Red is in order tonight. I recently came up with a new move that cracks her up. I do the Karate Kid Crane holding two pillows and attack her. She laughs so hard she can barely move. I need any advantage I can get since she is now older and bigger and has become quite the opponent.

Wish me luck on all accounts, especially, my impending wrestling match with Mini Red.