September 27, 2006

White after Labor Day?

I’ve heard this rule doesn’t apply anymore. I’m no fashionista, by any means, so you tell me.

I really don’t want to risk a situation like the one in the movie Serial Mom where the Serial Mom (Kathleen Turner) kills Juror #8 (Patty Hearst) for her most heinous crime of wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

I found an article, from 2002, that says this rule originally applied to shoes but the rule seemed to have evolved to include pieces of clothing. The premise is that white keeps you cooler therefore unnecessary for winter.

All this cause due to planning a night out with the girls in D.C. this weekend so we can shake our booties. In trying to decide what to wear or what one should wear I thought of my white jeans. If I wear my white jeans I can be comfortable and any top will work. So if white is not allowed after Labor Day would white jeans be allowed since they are jeans and not just pants? They’re thicker so does that change the rule? I just don’t know.

I can see it now… I'm on the dance floor dropping it like its Hot and my white jeans are illuminating in the neon lights. The fashionistas in the crowd are enraged by my faux pas and jealous of how well I get my Eagle On. They decide they must take matters into their own hands and take a picture with their camera phone and send it into Glamour Magazine to add to the Don’t list.

This white thing has me in a quandary. Maybe I should just wear all black and not worry about it.

Oh, I hope my black pants still fit!