September 29, 2006

A Bit O Dis and a Bit O Dat

In reviewing my favorite blogs I found this article from Smouie Kablooie at Metblogs stating that Duane "Dog" Chapman was in DC yesterday. I showed Mini Red this and she cried:

"Mom this was my chance to meet him and you could have taken me out of school to go there."

"WHAT?!?! I don't think so Sista!"

This morning I stopped at Starbucks on my way in since I'm out of coffee at home (oh travesty!). I saw the homeless guy walking in that direction and I figured he would be there when I walked out of Starbucks. I debated whether I should get him something to eat or drink but I hate assuming anything. It was a good thing I didn't.

He was standing there when I walked out and I asked him if he would like a muffin or something and he said he wasn't hungry. I was surprised by this and said I was sorry but I didn't have any cash to help him out but he stopped me and said he had money but he had been up all night. At this point I was so confused and took this as a no thanks all around.

I hope I didn't offend him… he didn't seem offended. Maybe he isn't homeless but I know he lives under the highway… Oh I'm so confused. I don't understand what I could have done to help him out or if I offended him or if he was trying to tell me something else. I have a headache now.


My desk, at work, has moved, as of yesterday. A lot of people were out of the office the past few days and they came back to find one dude has left the area and now I'm nearby. On top of this we have new people everywhere. Our work areas are cubicle like (I call them stalls). If someone says something heads pop up, it reminds me of Whack-A-Mole.

This morning seems to just be in complete chaos and everyone is curious about all the changes? So Whack-A-Mole seems to be in full swing.


Trish always has interesting information. Remember the Cougar post? Well she told me about this book called "If The Buddha Dated". I expected it to be a funny little book but it's got some great information. When I bought it I also bought "If The Buddha Married" for a friend of mine.

I'm only at the beginning but I highly recommend it for more than just relationships. It is really good for a self-exploration on many levels.


My office email has an auto population feature when typing in an email address. When you start typing the name it populates from the address book. It's been noticed recently that if Red is typed in my name auto populates. Too cool!


I bought a deep auburn henna dye for my hair tonight. What's the worst that could happen? It only last 4–6 weeks. My girlfriend and I plan on trying this on Sunday. The only difference is she is covering gray and I'm talking about a temporary change of color. Everyone seems to be going more brunette lately, e.g. Cameron Diaz or Brittany Spears.


Mini Red had her second swim lesson tonight. She is doing so well and the improvements are already evident. Unfortunately, I got stuck sitting near these PTA Moms tonight. Uggggh. They were discussing belly-dancing classes. One said she made a deal with her husband to practice for him late at night if he would bring the kids to swim lessons. Ewww! That was along the lines of thinking of you parents like that. Double ewww.