September 29, 2006

Sleeping with the fishes??? We'll be sleeping with the sharks!!!

I have schedule Mini Red and I for an immersion tour: Sleepover With The Sharks at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. How cool is that?

I had mentioned it to Mini Red and told her they also have a Wild Extremes Sleepover in the New Exhibit Animal Plant Australia: Wild Extremes. She said she would prefer to sleep with the sharks. So today I called and expected them to tell me they were booked but they weren't. WAHOO!

I haven't told her yet and not sure when I will. She called me when her Dad picked her up and I didn't want to tell her then because I want to experience her excitement. I have been so overwhelmed with excitement that when I left the office to pick up my lunch I had a huge grin on my face and I was nearly dancing.

I can't wait to receive the information packet so we can get ready. I may not tell Mini Red until we are on our way. We'll see if I can contain myself and keep it a secret.