September 30, 2006

My Night in White

I took the subway into D.C. to meet up with the girls. I love watching people on the subway. There are the young’uns that are going to get their drink on or the chick that’s by herself and meeting up with friends. You know her face will soften as soon as she sees her friends but on the train by herself she has on her “Walking Face” as I call it. This is the face that says, “Don’t eff with me cause I’ll kick your ass”. I do the same thing when I’m in the city because there are a lot of freaks. If you look mean enough they might just leave you alone.

I meet up with the girls and we headed to Ozio’s. I thought I had been there before but I hadn’t. Getting a drink in there was not easy plus this was the first place we went to and I hadn’t had one drink yet to chill me out. The majority of smokers in there were smoking cloves, which smells better than regular cigarettes. We didn’t stay long before we decide to leave to find what other bars were around. When we left I realized it didn’t matter what type of cigarette it was they all smelled the same in the end and I could smell it on me.

Eight years ago I worked in this area but I never hung out there at night. It didn’t seem to have changed too much. We walked up 19th street and stopped at Rumors but didn’t go in. We continued on and I wanted to get a closer look at Luigi’s. I had been by this place so many times when I worked down here but now I know the history. My Great Grandfather had this place built for his workshop. He was a cabinet maker from Poland and many of us still have some of the furniture he made.

We decided to stop at Oodles Noodles for something to eat. I was so excited because I hadn’t eaten there in ages and I love their Noodles on a Boat. It was just as good as ever even eight years later. Next we went to Rumors. I had never been there but I had heard plenty. I was telling the girls that Rumors always reminded me of my cousins because I had heard a story of a fight they were in there and they came home with black eyes. No sooner had I mentioned this and tensions flared between two dudes but the fight was thwarted. We found our way to a table and copped a squat near the dance floor. I felt like I was in a college bar. The people were fun to watch especially some of the girls. They would walk in with their chests all puffed out. I couldn’t help but laugh every time this happened because it happened a lot. They would then stand near the dance floor and start shaking their booty. One heavier set chick in her eighties outfit would throw her arms in the air and shake her butt and she did it a lot. We had to turn away... it wasn’t pleasant.

We decided to leave Rumors and walk by Ozio to see what was going on there. On our way there we were stopped by a dude passing out promotional flyers. I kept walking since the girls took the info from him I figure I wouldn’t need it. But he called out after me, “Hey! Ms. White Pants…” I took the flyer and he was happy. Ozio was hopping and there was a line out the door and a cover now so we walked on.

We stopped at the corner outside the Daily Grill and there was a dude, who had friends inside, he crouched down like he was playing football and he was ready to receive something. So I turned and jumped into a crouching position like I was gonna run to him. He said “Come on, I got ya!” We just laughed and we walked on.

We crossed Connecticut and walked up towards Lucky Bar and MCCXXIII (1223). We met a homeless man and we all gave him a little donation and he asked us if we needed a dance partner. MCCXXII had a huge line outside and we noticed it was mostly men and wondered if they would let the women just walk in. Lucky Bar seemed pretty tame and there was a nameless place that had a small line and you had to be on a list to get in. Pam was determined to find out what this place was but the bouncer just ignored her. She eventually found out the name but it escapes me at the moment.

I was ready to call it a night and the girls agreed. The homeless man saw us coming and said how beautiful we were and did we need a dance partner. It old him he was full of it but he said “Hey, if ya’ll was ugly I would tell ya… You’re Ugly!” We thanked him and walked on.

We recapped the evening on our way to the subway and deemed it a successfully fun time. I have to say my favorite was when the dude was ready to catch me because it was the moment that made me laugh the hardest.

We said goodbye as my train arrived. I was lucky to get a seat with all the bustling with activity on the train. The young’uns were just heading out even though it was midnight and a good portion of them got off at Dupont. A man got on and started drawing everyone and even asked a woman to pose for him. Another woman noticed him sketching and decided to stand for the rest of her ride so she could look over the his shoulder and see what he was drawing. He was frantically looking up and down the train looking for his inspiration so he could sketch them before they got off at their stop. So many had left the train that he was having a hard time finding his inspiration so he put away his tablet, crossed his legs and his hands and waited for his stop.

I was beat when I got home. Read a few emails but too tired to respond so I crashed. I was hoping to sleep in but the best I can usually do is 9am if I’m lucky. When I woke up it was nearly noon. Whoa! I feel better than I have felt in a long while. Today I will attempt to hang my curtains and just chill out because tomorrow will be jam packed. I’m taking Mini Red to the Skins game.