October 2, 2006

What an exciting game! It was the All Time!

Brotha-Man was given extra tickets to tonight’s game and I was jumping at the chance to go.

I got Mini Red back early from her Dad’s and we met up with Brotha-Man and SIL and left early for some tailgating. Skins fans are a unique bunch check out these Redskin Monks that were nice enough to pose with Mini Red:

Brotha-Man had a tailgating party they wanted to stop at on their way in. Mini Red and I went back to the car for our jackets and to lighten our load. So by the time we got to the express elevators the line was amazingly long and the game would be starting any minute.

We chatted with the people in line and as we got closer to the front we noticed all sorts of people butting in line. Everyone started yelling at them and one of the butter-inners threatened to call Security. It was getting hostile and the butter-inner started cussing. I pulled Mini Red up so he could see her better and said “HEY! Watch your language! You not only butt in line but now you’re cussing in front of children?

We got through security and Mini Red asked why I didn’t say anything about the people butting in. I explained there probably wasn’t much they could do about it but I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around.

When we arrived in our seats the game was in full swing and the Jaguars were leading 3 – 0. We had been sitting for maybe five minutes when The Skins scored. WAHOO! The Jaguars soon came back and scored and were now leading 10-7. By the time the 3rd quarter was nearing the end The Skins had come back and were leading 20-17. The fourth quarter started and The Skins had the ball on the 17 yard line. A touchdown was imminent. They scored and the crowd went wild! Everyone was on their feet cheering.

We left early to miss crazy traffic and we were secure with The Skins lead of 27 -17. The traffic was easy and we drove straight to my parents place. I finally found the radio station playing the game but, evidently, I missed a lot. When I got to my parents I saw The Skins were leading 30 – 27 and the Jaguars had the ball. The Jaguars tied it up which took them to over time but that didn’t last long. Moss caught the pass and took off for a most beautiful touchdown to win the game.

What an exciting game! Thanks Brotha-Man