October 6, 2006

I NEED a Tea Pot Tim is my Homeboy T-Shirt!

With this week being so horrible I get into my car Thursday morning and I can't wait to turn on Hot 99.5. I know the Hot Morning Mess, especially Tea Pot Tim, will get my mind off things.

Earlier in the week they announce someone is leaving. It's one of five people, Mark, Kris, Ron, Tim or Spanglish. So the first thing I hear Thursday morning makes it sound like Kris is leaving but she isn't. At this point we know it isn't Mark and it isn't Kris and they take a commercial break. They polled the listeners earlier in the week and the majority believed it would be Spanglish.

To make a long story short… Tea Pot Tim is leaving to pursue his photography. In my mind I just think… NOOOOOOOO! This is just one more thing to add to my bad week. Tim has one more week before he leaves and they just got a large order in of the "Tea Pot Tim is my Homeboy" t-shirts and I want one... I NEED one!

I don't call into radio stations… Except there was the one time I called into Q107 and talked to Uncle/Doctor Johnny, whatever his name is/was. They wanted people to call in and tell who their favorite soap star was and why. Wow, this was 20 years ago! I was working in a coffee shop selling beans at the time. My co-worker called in and they put her on the air. I thought the premise was ridiculous but my co-worker talked me into calling and I was so boring they said thanks and hung up. I thought about it for a minute and called again… This time I used and accent and I didn't have to say much before they put me through to the DJ.

This was during the time of the radio commercial for the Mini Babybel Cheese where a woman with a Jewish like accent did the commercial. My friends and I loved these commercials and would imitate this accent. So they put me on the air and I tell them my name is Enid and my favorite soap star was Rachel on the Days of Our Lives who is Jewish and she represents so well.
This was my two minutes of fame I guess and I've never called a radio station again until Thursday. I tried quite a few times but no luck. Now I have to figure out how to get one of these shirts.

Hey! HOT 99.5!
This is Red!
Help a Sista out and throw me a shirt!