October 15, 2006

Oh what a fun time we had in the Downtown Friday night

It was my second Blogger Happy Hour and I went with the knowledge I would know a few bloggers from the last Happy Hour I attended. I took Mrs. M with me as my Wing Sista.

Mrs. M and I arrived and we were stopped just inside the door to check our IDs. I asked how we get upstairs but was told there was no upstairs only a downstairs. This confused me because I-66, The Social Chair, said they would be upstairs. Well I guess we’ll figure it out but first thing is first… I need a beer because it’s been a hallacious day to say the least. We went downstairs and scoped the peeps but I didn’t recognize anyone as a Blogger so we went back upstairs. As we looked around I saw people in a loft area upstairs oh and look there are stairs. Dude at the door was an idiot but then again maybe he wasn’t. Maybe, just maybe, he didn’t work there and he was checking IDs for shits and giggles??? Hmmm

So we head up the stairs and still no one looked familiar until Mrs. M noticed there was another room. Yeah I see Bloggers!

I saw Velvet first who made Halloween cookies for the event. She has had so much going on so it was nice to catch up in person. I love love love her new header with the sexy chick on the bike. If you read her blog you would know this came from a sex filled evening on a motorcycle. Yeah see now your thinking I need to check this out.

Velvet brought over I-66 since we had never met and I had to, of course, meet the Social Chair. It’s so funny when someone recognizes your blog we all make the same face. Next I met Just a Taste of Red and Hey Pretty. Just a Taste of Red and I both made the face as we said, “Ohhh I know your blog!” We talked about her kissing a soon-to-be priest and my old boyfriend who is the Great Grandson of a notorious serial killer. Yes I know I need to write that post.

Mrs. M and I decided to grab an open seat and get back out of the crowd so we could get a good look. We talked to so many people some I had met before and many I hadn’t. I’m sure Mrs. M’s head was just reeling at all these people and keeping them straight because I wanted to make sure she met everyone. We talked to so many like Neurotic in Ashburn, DC Sports Chick, ½ Asian Man and Throwing Hammers. Throwing Hammers did a post I loved titled A Day with Peyton Manning, which is a Must See if you haven’t been there. I finally got to meet E :), and we are all so sad she’s leaving for Australia soon. I hope everything works out with that T-Mobile crap and please don’t stop blogging. I was so happy to see JoeLogon who asked me if my day was going better, considering some of my recent posts. I told him the beers were helping after a day of mass lay-offs my company did. So the day was bittersweet and I’m grateful I was saved at least for now. Just as last time Joe’s a fun person to talk to.

Kassy arrived from Redhead in the City and she introduced me to Virgil Kent who inadvertently touched my boob. He offered me a drink after that and apologized but I felt honored since he had touched Velvet’s boob the previous weekend. Did this mean I was now accepted into the blogger world and all it took was a boob touch by VK?

WonL arrived and we introduced ourselves. She has this awesome energy and I’m now a fan of Pissy Tuesdays. She took all sorts of photos and I think I’m in one or two but at this point I had quite a few beers so I’m unsure. I excused myself to break the seal and met a chick while in line. I asked her if she was a Blogger and she isn’t but when I told her we were she was fascinated. I suggested she check out DC Blogs to catch up on the latest. She was so excited that when she came out we came face to face and she said “D-C-blogs dot com right? I can’t wait to check it out.” Another fan and possible future Blogger has now been created.

Things were winding down and the crowd was thinning. Home Improvement Ninja walked up and I said “I know you’re Home Improvement Ninja, how are you? I’m Life of Red.” I think he was just laughing at me as I told him about my curtain hanging saga and patching holes. Dude don’t be gone long from blogging we need you back.

One of the most common things I heard from people when my blog was mentioned was how everyone loved to hear about Mini Red who happened to be at her first Middle School Dance. A boy who is not well liked asked her to the dance. She told him, “No… But I will dance with you just as long as it’s not a slow dance.” I asked that she send me a text message once her Dad picked her up. Once I got her text I asked her if she slow danced and she had with her last boyfriend. I can’t wait to hear all about this when I get her back on Sunday.

Our time a The Bug Hunt was over, but wait… everyone should say Big Hunt while holding their tongue. Ok I digressed So everyone was moving on to another bar. Mrs. M and I got outside and we weren’t sure where everyone was going but we had already stayed way later than expected. We decided it was Tastee Diner time so that was our next stop.

We got to Tastee Diner at a reasonable time or rather just in time to pee… again. There was some confusion about where to seat us and who would serve us but we promised not to be a problem. Our waiter was the dude with the eye patch and he was awesome. He even picked up the last of the fries and took them away in the nick of time. If I had eaten one more I might have popped. I thought it was just me noticing that the fries were leaving a bit too soon but Mrs. M noted it too.

Mrs. M and I discussed our evening and just as I had suspected she had a great time too. She said she almost expected a bunch of bloggers/writers to be low key but this bunch definitely wasn’t. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I think I might be able to twist Mrs. M’s arm and get her to join me again.