October 31, 2006

There’s a Birthday in the Blogsphere

I started informally blogging in May of 2005. A year later I got more involved one of the first blogs I got addicted to was the Rusty Nut Telegraph written by Brico. Very shortly after finding him I found Tish and they found each other in person... finally. These two people have become near and dear to my heart.

With that said Brico’s birthday is today. It seems fitting he was born on Halloween. I have a friend at work that shares the same birthday and I swear there is something special about someone born on Halloween. These people seem to have a huge heart and awesome sense of humor.

So In honor of Brico’s Birthday I’m listing My Ten Favorite Brico Posts.

Favorite Brico HNT
Favorite Brico Photo
Favorite Celebrity / Gay photo
Favorite “Be Their Voice” a/k/a What really happened to Brico’s motorcycle
Favorite Redneck Moment
Favorite Tish Quote
Favorite Carving
Favorite Brico Tattoo
Favorite Brico Ten Things list: “Ten Things I've Been Known To Do On A Blind Date
Favorite (only) Brico Meme.

You’re a good man Charlie Brown!

Happy Birthday!