November 2, 2006

I dropped it like it was hot and got touchy felt

The week has been crazy between Halloween and work so it has been difficult to find time to sit down and recap last Saturday night out at da club. I know those who attended are anxious to read.

We started at Liz's house in Del Ray. CG was already there when I arrived about 6:30 and it wasn't long before I finished my first beer and Pam arrived. We were pleasantly surprised when YDH showed up too! Wahoo a party was starting.

We left Liz's and headed to Evening Star Cafe where we hung out in the No. 9 Lounge. We chilled on the couch and ordered food and drinks. I've never seen a place like this so if you get the chance you should investigate it.

YDH had all sorts of plans for the night and I believe we were his second stop. He offered to drive us downtown so we all piled in his car. Our plan for the evening was to go to Five but CG was dying to hit the bar in Hotel Helix. He said it was DC's version of a Sex in The City Bar. CG knew it was on Rhode Island Ave between 14th and 15th and so it turned into a group effort to find it. I have never seen a bar like this one but it's not I get out a lot so that isn't saying much. We found a nice big comfy couch and ordered a round of drinks. I sent Justin a text message to let him know we weren't at Five yet and what our eta was. The next thing I know I look up to see Justin and his boyfriend Corey walking into Helix. Yeah this was fun but I was losing steam.
Sometime after 11 we decided to make our way over to Five in hopes our emails to get us on the list would get us in without paying the cover.

We hit Connecticut Ave and the whole area was NUTS not-to-mention the line to get into Five was a mob scene. We dove into the line and paired up two by two but it didn't take too long before we got in. This place has four levels with the main dance floor on the second level. We ended up gravitating to the roof where we found two chairs and planted ourselves. Of course the first thing we did was get a round of drinks and CG and I headed down to the second floor to the main dance floor. I can't tell you the last time I went out dancing but has definitely been too long. We met up with the others and started our own dance floor on the roof. I ended up dancing with a dude wearing a knit cap and sunglasses as if he was undercover.

Our group grew as we met people and other friends joined us. I was dancing with Justin and Corey and somehow we started talking about Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I told them how when I was a kid everyone said I must be the Simmons long lost child because of my long tongue and then I demonstrated. Corey said "I may be a gay man but I WANT THAT TONGUE!" We laughed and we all continued dancing and so I dropped it like it was hot and Corey said I was doing it wrong. I said "Oh Yeah?" The next thing I know he pushed me to the wall dropped and slid up my body. Hmmm I think this dude is hiding his underlying heterosexuality tendencies because he did this several times. I soon realized I might be wrong when Corey and Justin faced each other thinking no one was watching and had an intimate moment where they expressed their love for each other. I've never seen Justin so happy.

Pam, Liz and I left at some point after 3am and we started our quest to get back to Del Ray. The first cab we got told us it would be $30. Pam said he was nuts and we got out. I was surprised how many cabs refused to leave DC. We headed down Connecticut Ave out of the chaos and finally found a cab to get us out of there.

It was a full night and everyone seemed to have a blast. I can't wait to do it again but I never want to be out on a Saturday night before Halloween again. It was CRAZY!