November 4, 2006

All-in-all… I think the Marshmallow Crème was the best part

Shortie arrived late to work, on Friday, due to more crap with her lemon of a Honda. She wanted to go out to lunch. She offered to treat because she knew I was cutting back and I've been bringing my lunch to save money. I wasn't hungry but knew she must have really needed this so I wasn't going to turn a friend down. Ohhh, I could have a beer! I could really use a beer!

We ended up at Murphy's. I ordered a beer and noticed the waitress come back and look into my face. I said, "Need and ID?"

I handed her my ID.
"Whoa! You're aging nicely!"
Shortie may have needed that lunch but I needed that compliment.

After work I got Mini Red and we were off to run errands. We picked up a few things from the grocery store. Mini Red wanted to fix us some real hot chocolate with milk and cocoa on the stove. I suggested we get the marshmallow crème too and she was all for that! I was excited to find they had Amaryllis bulbs on sale. Last year I experienced the blooming of and Amaryllis and it will now be a yearly event.

I figured since I had a treat this afternoon so why not treat Mini Red. After all she did deserve it because her grades are looking really good after a rough start. What's better than to pick up dinner at El Pollo Rico and go home to watch the movie Hoot.

It was a great evening with the munchkin until we were startled awake at 1am for an impromptu tenant meeting. Our building's fire alarm went off and there's nothing like being startled awake to the possibility of a fire. I told Mini Red to throw on some warm clothes because we needed to leave. I was sure it was nothing but still feared it was something and needed to keep Mini Red calm.

We grabbed our coats and Mini Red touched the door knob to see if it was hot before we opened it. I didn't even think of that! The fire department showed up and I knew a few of the guys thanks to Lou and Nicole. They had keys to get into the office so they could get to the fire panel but since the renovations the keys didn't work. Management couldn't be reached and I think frustration was setting in.

It's funny to see what people grab in these situations. Mini Red grabbed her stuffed dog Sam and another woman grabbed her jewelry box. Personally, I just wanted to have on some panties underneath my clothes.

All in all Mini Red and I had a great evening except, of course, for the fire alarm. We did reconnect with some of our neighbors though and that's always a good thing.

I almost forgot… Ra sent me some pictures she took of her youngest and I. They were taken on a hot summer evening, I had no makeup on and I looked like crap but I absolutely LOVE these pictures! I don't normally post pictures of myself let alone in this state but I have an overwhelming need to share my favorite with you.