November 7, 2006

Chicago, Chicago

For the first time I have plans for New Year's. Woohoo! Mini Red and I are going to Chicago to see friends.

They have been asking us to come back since our last trip back in the spring. I was amazed at the excitement that was generated when I emailed Nicole that I booked the ticket. Nicole immediately sent the email out saying "The Reds are coming! The Reds are coming!"

Katie called that night and we set some plans. Her three kids will be busy so she's gonna pick up Mini Red and I from the airport. We are then heading downtown to Nicole's office, on Wacker Drive, since Katie hasn't seen it yet. Yes, I am bragging about Nicole's office because it is definitely impressive up there on the 29th floor and a view to die for. Good job Chica, that is but one small perk your due considering how hard you work. Anyhow, Katie says we can hang out downtown but if I by chance suffer an injury, of any sort, we may have to go by her office and meet her boss, the single doctor.

I can't tell you how awesome these people are. Through Nicole I tagged along on a girls vacation to Puerto Vallarta. This is when I first met Katie and Jen. Katie was pregnant with her third child at the time but this didn't stop her from a damn thing except drinking, but she doesn't need alcohol she is a high all her own. Then there is Jen… Talk about a free spirit. She knows what she wants and nothing holds her back. In Puerto Vallarta she hopped up on this statue wearing a skirt even though there was non stop wind. I was an awesome site and her skirt never flew up. The vacation was more like and episode of Sex in the City without any sex. Jen and I were the single ones in this group but she has since found herself a dude. I hear he's a hottie too!

Katie has procured a babysitter for her kids and Mini Red. Nicole will probably be having a few people over for New Years and there are promises of single dudes for "Red from DC". Who knows maybe I'll eventually move there. The Red contingency needs to be represented and the men here don't seem to be interested. I would hate to ever leave my family but it could be good for the Reds. Maybe we could become the traveling Reds?

We can't wait for New Year's. It will be a blast.. of cold Windy air!