November 11, 2006

Blogsgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season

When I mentioned the Blogger Happy Hour to Mrs. M she immediately agreed to be my Wing Chick once again. I was really looking forward to the happy hour since work had been another round of stressful lay-offs. I have thwarted that doom twice now. Phew!

As we were walking to Mackey's from the subway Metro Mrs. M looked past me and said, "Oh Hello there." I'm thinking, "Who does she know down here? We're suburban people." I look over to see Tasty Red. Mrs. M is on the ball and not only recognizing people but getting recognized herself.

The bloggers are usually in the back, which is where we found I-66 ready to greet people since he and VP of Dior are Co-Social-Chairpersons of Blogsgiving HH. There were familiar faces of people I've talked to and people I've seen but haven't talked to. But first thing is first and I needed a beer. Come on now you should all know that part by now…Beer first.

I found Velvet sitting in a corner. Hmmm reminds me of a line from a popular movie "Nobody puts Baby Velvet in a corner". She was surrounded by Home Improvement Ninja and Boz. I met View from Dupont and EJ Takes Life. I had to admit to EJ that the first time I came across her blog I thought it was BJ takes life and I thought BJ stood for… Hmmm, you know. Hey Pretty was there celebrating her 30th birthday and getting her drink on when Hammer showed up. He is always fun to talk to but he arrived sans ass kicking boots since they are in the shop for repair in preparation of Winter.

EJ and I went up to the bar for another drink when someone tapped me. Hey it's VK, and he brought a posse of his peeps. I worked my way back and sat down and chatted with Velvet for a bit. Tasty Red joined us and we soon saw Ashburnite who was flanked by two Blogger dudes…
Allan and Aaron. Allan came over to introduce himself since I'm a new reader to his blog. Meanwhile Mrs. M was talking to Boz, who she says is extremely intelligent and fascinating to talk to. Mrs. M was ready for another drink so we made our way to the bar where Mrs. M pays with ones. I tell the bartender she has ones because she's a dancer (wink wink) and Mrs. M swears he was staring at her the rest of the night. As we made our way back someone walks behind me and says "Life of Red" and keeps walking. I ask who that was and it's Ar-Jew-Tino who I recently started reading and I loved his post on Takoma Park. I bump into Jeff who I met at my first Blogger HH in August. We start discussing Blogger Beta and how I finally switched due to peer pressure and now I feel doomed since it doesn't get picked up by DC Blogs and even Bloglines is having issues with it. Hopefully, it will all get worked out soon but I do believe Jeff was laughing at my quandary.

The night was winding down and people started leaving but not before some impromptu flashing of Velvet's belly and the realization that Home Improvement Ninja's shirt reminded me of a candy cane. Both of which should have encouraged some interesting comments especially from JoeLogon but I think he may have been off his game since he arrived late and had to catch up and get his drink on. Then, of course, there was Hammer's lesson on hugs between the genders and how the male hug is done in a way that says "I'm not hugging you I'm just slapping you on the back." He used I-66 to show how it's done.

Mrs. M and I left with Tastee Diner on our agenda, as usual. After Tastee we took the Metro back to Grosvenor and Mr. M called. He had been out with his boys and was back at a friend's house. So I took Mrs. M to his friend's house so she could drive Mr. M home. When we arrived Mrs. M got out of the car and some dude came running and jumped in my car. He's a friend of Mr. M's… One I hadn't met yet. We all chit chatted a little and admired my car before I was on my way. As I was arriving home Mrs. M called to tell me Mr. M's friend stated very empathetically, "She's cute! Hook me up!"

Looks like this chick might have a date soon.

Joe's photos 1, 2