November 18, 2006

Oh Yeah...I gotta do this Oyster Riot again next year!

Friday night I went to Old Ebbitt Grill's annual Oyster Riot with my family.

My brother and his wife went last year and loved it. This year there were more of us…12 is more like it. We arrived early and they gave us this brightly blinking oyster pin to wear. It was really annoying until we had a few glasses of wine, which magically toned down the blinking lights.

There were so many oysters and the wine was flowing. We were given a tray and a wine glass when we walked in. It took a little bit to get the hang of balancing everything but we all got in no time. Brotha-Man had some favorite oysters that he remembered from last year so we headed in that direction. On our way there we picked up cocktail sauce and oyster eating utensils.

Most of our group would walk around and pick up a variety of oysters and gather at a table for dipping. There were many people who would walk over to different oyster stations and just suck the oysters outta the shell. I think we tasted almost every oyster they had and there were a lot. There were a few wines that I enjoyed. The wine stations were set between the oysters and they would only pour a little into your glass so you could taste all the different wines. Because of the way you got your wine it was difficult to say exactly how much was drank. If you count the glass then I would say I had eight to ten glasses.

This event was so big that they had a huge port-a-pottie sitting outside. I was told it was very nice but I was skeptical. The idea of port-a-potties sitting on the street in DC and a nice one just didn't seem possible. I've never seen anything like it with its wood interior and brass fixtures.

The evening was winding down and some of us decided to go to Shelly's Back Room a cigar bar around the corner. We were standing for most of the night so it was nice to sit down on the couches and relax in a quieter atmosphere. I went to find the ladies room and as I was waiting a friend of my sister's boyfriend literally stumbles out of the men's room and walks up to me and says "You really aren't a friendly person are you?" WTF?!?! This amused me to no extent and when I told my brother he just cracked up.

At this point Brotha-Man and I were about done and I had to get home. Mrs. M was hanging with Mini Red and I didn't want to keep her too late.

The event was a a lot of fun and I can't wait til next year.