December 18, 2006

Guest post by Mini Red

By Mini Red

As you all may know Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest has come out on DVD. I went to my dads last weekend and He had the 2-disc Edition and on the second disc there was a documentary about Davy Jones. Did you know that Bill Nighy plays Davy Jones? In the documentary they said that Bill gave a whole funny / scary personality. There is this one part that Mama Red loves is when Davy Jones puffs out his top lip when he is on the Black Pearl and is talking to Jack about the price of his soul. Mama Red, my dad and myself all love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and my dad thought that the trilogy would be like the Indiana Jones trilogy the first and the third are great and the second is not so great, Mama Red said that it was great. Also they both said that the Graphics where awesome and I agreed to that, and both also said that in the theaters they could not understand Tia Dalma (the woman that the crew of the Black Pearl went to see so they could find the Key to the Dead Mans Chest).