December 17, 2006

I'm gonna sleep good tonight cause a lot was accomplished today

Mini Red started her day early with a 5am bloody nose. She let me sleep but I was still up a little early. We got ourselves together and were out of the apartment by 9am. There were a few errands to run prior to hitting the Metro on our way to The Uptown to see Eragon. She was so excited and so was I. We parked and headed to the trains when Mini Red said “Oh no!”

What”, I said.

I have another bloody nose!”

So we ran back to the car before it got bad and luckily I had a new box of tissues in the car. Mini Red was bothered by this since she had already had one early this morning. We cleaned her up and got on our way.

It was all perfect timing since we arrived at the Uptown at 10:30 for the 11am showing and the box office didn’t open til 10:40. On top of that Saturday Matinees are only $5 per person. Wahoo Jackpot! We got the movie price karma going on.

We grabbed our seats smack in the middle. The place has been renovated and I think these seats were extra new. I wouldn’t be surprised since it was only a few months ago Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were at The Uptown for the premier of The Guardian. I mentioned to Mini Red that Ashton Kutcher could have sat in the very seat she was sitting in. You should have seen the smile on her face at the thought of it.

The movie was great but I couldn’t help but feel something was lacking. Saphira was beautiful and I loved how her wings looked. Edward Speleers plays Eragon and this is his first film but his supporting cast has some big names such as Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich. Rachel Weisz is the voice of Saphira but something seems off at times.

After the movie we hopped back on the Metro to run our errands and finish our Christmas shopping.

First we went to White Flint and talk about a crazy place. We hit a few stores and got out of there as soon as possible with a few gifts. Next stop… Toys-R-Us. Yes this was just as scary and I’m here to tell ya the people were brain dead in there. You had to give them a little push to move their brain dead bodies out of your way. When it was time to pay I must have gotten some line karma cause when I looked over at this one cashier and mouthed “Are you open?” Jackpot! She was and no one was paying attention so I moseyed right past a few others, paid and was free of Zombie-R-Us.

Next stop... Chipotle to share a vegetarian bowl. The place was packed and I noticed a woman was sitting alone at a table for four. Mini Red went over and asked if we could share. As I was in line I could see Mini Red was engaged in conversation with the woman. When I got there the woman complimented how nice and personable Mini Red was. She was very nice and had one daughter who was at college. I looked at her and saw myself in a few years when Mini Red is off at college. It’s always nice to meet friendly people like her.

Back in the car and we headed towards Bed Bath and Beyond to get Dad’s gifts for Mom. I had stopped by the folks after the movie to get Dad’s credit card so I could do some of his shopping. My sister and I tend to do Dad’s shopping for Mom. It becomes a collective to get the job done and it doesn’t help that we are all clueless as to what to get her this year.

After BB&B we put the BB&B stuff in the car and cut across the parking lot to hit Circuit City rather than getting back in the car to go to Best Buy. This was another smart move since I found what I was looking for and saved some moolah. Plus I picked up the movie White Christmas for a steal. Mini Red wasn’t happy with this because the thought of that movie gets the song Sisters stuck in my head and I drove her bonkers singing it.

Mini Red was tired and so was I but next stop was Montrose Crossing. The plan was to park at the grocery store and hit the Marshalls for a gift we needed for Sunday. We decided to hit the bookstore and Starbucks first. As we parked I turned around and noticed it. A Delorean! I tried to get a picture with my cell phone but no luck. Mini Red and I got out of the car and headed toward our destination but realized the Delorean was not getting out to quickly so I handed Mini Red the phone as we started running but then I let her run ahead. She ran the length of this shopping center and I just started laughing. Mini Red was determined to get a picture and she wanted it so bad. A woman smiled as she saw Mini Red run past and when she saw me (It’s evident I’m the Mom due to the matching red hair) she said “ I thought that’s what that car was.” Well Mini Red didn’t get the picture but we laughed our asses off over her running like a crazy kid trying to get the picture. It was the sixth wind we need to finish up and get home.

We did our thing in the bookstore including a much needed coffee for me. Marshalls was freaking nuts and when I went up to pay there were only two registers open and the lines were huge. They started to open more registers and the customers got crazy. If I had more patience I would have hung out to see the people fight because that vibe was in the air… you know it... Some call it that Holiday Spirit. I left and I still needed one more gift for Sunday.

Mini Red was awesome and ran with me to Old Navy where I got a gift and saved some money. One more stop… The grocery store and thank goodness I had a list. The goal was to finish and get out of there and get home where there is more work to do. I gave Mini Red and item to find and she would come find me and then run for another. We got a full list of groceries and she got us a great place in line. God Bless this munchkin she wanted to get home.

We stopped to drop off Dad’s credit card and I was not happy because I still have to make food for the birthday party on Sunday when all I want to do is veg on the “Fat Ass” couch with Mini Red. It’s my friend’s son’s fifth birthday party and I’m cooking and need to double it. So I’m getting mad about this and mad at them but it’s my fault because I didn’t say no. They spent the day at the zoo and I spent the day getting ready for the holidays and then finally get home to cook for them. They don’t celebrate the holidays so they don’t have any of these pressures and just hung out with each other all day. Yes, jealous is I.

As we carried our bags, from a very full day, into the apartment I decide I don’t want to do this anymore. I say to Mini Red that next year we will just go away for a week in some very warm place rather than all this chaos. She looks at me like I’m crazy but I explain that we can stay through New Year’s and this will be our gift.

NO PRESENTS?” She says.

I tell her, “I’ll get ya a little something but this will be a vacation and that’s a big present. We can sit on a beach and swim…”

I had to stop cause the look on her face was priceless. I could probably talk her into it. Hmmm

I fixed the food while Mini Red watched Polar Express and wrapped gifts. I’ve decided that I don’t have to be a perfectionist with the wrapping and just let Mini Red do it. She got the gifts for Sunday done and a few others. Wahoo!

I am so relieved at this very moment cause the food is prepared and the dishes are all in the dishwasher. I only have to find room in the fridge for the food because clean up is DONE!

Done! Phew I’m so glad this day is DONE! Finished! Finito! On top of that so much has been accomplished. I couldn't have done it with out Mini Red. She was a real trooper.