December 28, 2006

He did show and then he showed again

Yes Santa did arrive but without the big fire trucks this year and he brought candy canes for all the kiddies.

The photo isn't so good but you can see him on top of that truck.

Then around 10pm another Santa arrived in a limo with a ton of elves. This worked out well since all the kids that had seen the first Santa had left except for Mini Red. The kids that were still at the party had missed the first Santa.

This Santa brought beads as you can see around Mini Red's neck and the elves enjoyed taking some pulls off the kegerator. Seems they had some spirits in the limo as they were out visiting all evening.

Mini Red and I are off to Chicago tomorrow morning. I'm not planning on touching any computers so here's wishing you a very Red New Year. I have a good feeling about 2007.