January 7, 2007

Chicago Part II

After seeing the car hanging out of Marina City we headed back down State Street. We were contemplating what or next move was and decided to head over to Millennium Park to see The Bean.

We are fascinated by The Bean so we took pictures and chilled in the park and took a few more pictures.

We then visited a Jamba Juice, which is a favorite of Mini Red. Walked around town more and decided to check out the L. I know I'm goofy but I enjoyed the views and was fascinated by this train that runs between these huge buildings.

We were walking around looking for a Garrett Popcorn Shop and we were stopped twice and asked for directions. How odd?

Two days walking around downtown Chicago and I was beat. So The weekend was relaxed and running errands and getting ready for the New Years Eve Party.

The New Years Eve Party was so much fun. Kate walked in all blinged out including a tiara. Jen started calling her the PrinceASS. I still have to laugh at that name. We had a ton of fabulous food and the drinks were flowing. Before I knew it it was midnight and the party kept on and people were still eating but mostly deserts now.

The PrinceASSes

It was 2am before anyone even thought of leaving but I think everyone was having so much fun and didn't want it to end. Nicole was prepared with plastic ware that she handed out for everyone to take food home.

There was still a lot of food so we pulled it all out again for lunch on New Years Day and then again for dinner when more people came over.

It was definitely one of the better New Years I have experienced. Thanks to all my Chicago friends.