January 10, 2007

Sweet Jesús! It was an Awesome game!

My Christmas gift from The Brotha man was two tickets to the game tonight. The Caps played the Flyers and I brought Mrs. M since Brotha man couldn’t go. He has to take care of SIL since they are making me an Auntie in July.

Mrs. M and I got food and beers and we were in our seats before the game started and thank goodness for that perfect timing. Fifteen seconds into the game and the Caps scored! Wahoo!

The game moved quickly and they broke up any fights that started much to my dismay as well as the dudes around us. Brashear scored his first goal with the Caps since he was acquired last July and I thought for sure Ovechkin might have a hat trick but he stopped at two goals. By the beginning of the third period it was looking like Olie might be adding a shutout to his credit with the score at 5–0.

The Flyers scored in the third killing Olie’s dream of adding a shutout to his name. The Flyers scored again before the Caps got one more goal of the evening and a 6-2 victory. After so many years of witnessing the Caps being crushed by the Flyers (or the Penguins) it was a beautiful victory especially with so many of the PA fans in attendance.

After the game everyone raced for the Metro. Mrs. M and I remarked how surprised we were that Metro wasn’t ready for the crowds. It was a good while before the red line had any trains (in either direction) arrive at Gallery Place. At least they finally pulled it together and had a second train arriving quickly behind the first one.

As we stood there on the platform I watched the people and couldn't help but notice the kind of people that Hockey brings out. The men are tall and somewhat burley and so are the women. Hockey games are where you will find large women with mullets wearing their jersey and spandex pants. It is a sight indeed. I don’t think I ever noticed the type of men before and I’m shocked at myself because there are some HOT dudes at the hockey games!

Mrs. M and I decided to wait for the second train and we didn’t have to wait long. We were lucky enough to be able to cop a squat but we had an interesting group sitting near us. Three women and one dude and they were being very loud. Well… the women were loud. They were saying how spoiled they are working in sales and one even said if she went back to school for her Masters she would never make as much money as she was making now. Another girl liked to throw around the work FUCK every time she spoke. This wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t emphasize it and just let the word flow. The girl in the middle was the authority on everything and told the third girl her father really needed to spice up his website with some bling for spice after she was describing to her how to ski. They were like watching train wreck and I couldn’t look away.

I’ve been away from hockey for far too long and tonight reminded me of that. The talent and physical conditioning it takes to play this game is amazing and I am in awe of these players once again. So if any of you have any tickets you don’t need feel free to throw them my way because that is one expensive sport.

I have always been a Caps fan but after Oates left and the strike I faded. I miss the days of Dale Hunter, Kelly Miller, Chris Simon, Peter Bondra and our local boy Jeff Halpern. They have moved on but I’m coming back to cheer on the Caps. Thanks for a great game tonight!