March 15, 2007

Oye! It has been a very disappointing week... So far

Thank goodness I had the Shamrock Festival in the middle of it all, but...

I just don’t get you boys.

Taxes... Enuf said!

Driving in DC.

My Spring Break day was disappointing and Mini Red is now in big doo doo trouble. She's kissing my butt right now trying to get out of her punishment.

With all my frustrations, lately, today was unusual at work. I was the happy-go-lucky positive one. I guess someone had to be. Tomorrow I'm dragging my co-workers on a field trip. We are gettin' a free coffee at Starbucks. I hope they know where one is.

Ok here is another positive... Brother-Man and SIL announced the name they have chosen for the baby at our weekly Family Dinner. They are naming him after my Dad. The look on Dad's face was priceless!

I’m sure it will be better tomorrow after a run with Mrs. M. A good run always helps. Oh crap! I hope it doesn't rain.

If all else fails then I will hang with the Fam and we will get our drink on celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the beach... In the cold... And the rain.

OK, OK, OK I know! I can get some sleep this weekend.

Much better now.