March 12, 2007

I got my green on at the Shamrock Festival

Had a blast at the SHAMROCKFEST! If you weren’t there then you missed a great time.

We got a bit of a late start but I think many had the same thought. As we were walking out of the Metro Station to the Stadium all the kids were clapping. They were so excited to get their drink on but JT and I just laughed and commented on feeling so old amongst the kiddies.

Since we had VIP tickets we had a separate entrance and flew right through. As they were strapping on my wrist band for my unlimited beer the dude commented on how I look like I’m always ready for St. Patrick’s Day with my red hair. I said, “Yeah but I still need to wear green.”

He said, “What? Are your eyes brown?”

No! There Greenish! Ahhhh good point!”

It didn‘t take us to long to get pointed in the right direction towards VIP Area #1. Ahhh that first beer tasted so good. We enjoyed our beer and just took it all in. It was amazing how many were drunk already and others had set up a huge flip cup tournament.

We pulled out our schedule of bands and decided to head out and investigate. We found The Connells were playing at the HiBall Events Stage. The crowd was large and we couldn’t get too close but they put on a good show.

We soon finished our beers and headed back to VIP Area #1 for more beer. As we were deciding where to go head to next I saw a familiar face… Ar-Jew-Tino! Ohh and there’s Kassy and I-66. Kassy looks awesome as a brunette but her boobs didn’t look as big as they did in that last Blogger HH photos she was in. I was so excited to see everyone since I haven’t been to a happy hour in so long. Then I saw JOE! It’s Joe Logon… “Dude! I didn’t know you were gonna be here?” So what does Joe do first…? He gathers everyone for a blogger photo.

Poor JT was probably overwhelmed with his first introduction into blogger world but I made sure to introduce him around. Mrs. M felt the same way the first time I brought her into blogger world. He even got his picture snapped and I warned him he was gonna be blogged now. “Uh oh” was his response.

As the bloggers were dispersing we headed out to investigate. We found VIP Area #2 but it was way more crowded and we didn’t stay long. Just as JT was asking if I was gonna take any pictures I noticed the most incredible mohawk, which stood about a foot high. I asked the dude if I could take his picture cause I loved his mohawk. He said sure but I had to be in the picture with him and giving the finger to the camera.

I’m such a dork I can’t even flip the bird cool like. Hahahaha. The number of Port-A-Potties was impressive as can be seen behind us. If you had to pee the line was never long… Thank goodness. The longest line for a toilet was in the VIP area where they had trailers with running water but even those lines weren’t bad.

Carbon Leaf was playing at 6:10 so we beat feet over there and it was so cool! The crowd was HUGE but we pushed forward. I loved watching people get picked up and all the hands that just carried them up towards the front over top of everyone. They played for only an hour and there was an hour lull before Flogging Molly was to perform. There were so many people so we headed back to the VIP area on the other side. Seems everyone else was to drunk to think of this so we grabbed some seats and chilled out for a while where it was less crazy.

At about 8 we decided to head out to catch emmet swimming who was playing til 9 and Flogging Molly was playing 8 to 9:30. The plan was to catch the end of Flogging Molly but we were having so much fun with emmet that we stayed right there. When they were done the rain was coming down and we were done for the night.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather or better company. It was an awesome day!

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