March 9, 2007


Maybe you aren’t aware (if you live under a rock) but the SHAMROCKFEST `07 is nearly HERE! This year it’s held at RFK, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Aren’t you excited?!?!?!?!

So many of my favorite local bands in one place! I’m gonna need to clone myself or be running around like a crazy woman to catch them all.

I’ve listened to The Kelly Bell Band out of Baltimore but never seen them. Mrs. M raves about them.

Scythian is awesome! They are at their best when playing Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda. They even encourage everyone to drink Car Bombs and keep count and try to beat it every time they go back to H&F. Not sure what the count is up to. You can’t keep your feet, let alone much else, still when listening to these guys.

I saw Mr. Greengenes years ago at The Clarendon Ballroom and just loved em! Their energy carries out to everyone who hears them.

I've been listening to emmet swimming for at least a decade now. They started while in college at James Madison (I believe) and have several albums out. I’ve met some really freaky guys at their concerts so beware ladies.

Do you know who DJ AM is? Yup you got it he’s the famous DJ from the west who was once engaged to Nicole Ritchie. I like him so much better now that he is making better decisions.

You don’t want to miss Carbon Leaf. A Virginia based band that has been making a name for themselves working national tours. They’ve come home for a visit and decided to play a few tunes.

The headliner is Flogging Molly lead by Dublin born Dave King. What could be better for getting into the Irish spirit for St. Patty’s Day. Everyone will be talking with the Irish accent by the time they leave.