March 13, 2007

A blogger meet up of another kind

Sunday night Mini Red and I were invited for dinner at Miss Monnie’s, The Creole Princess herself.

I was so excited since she and I have been emailing for sometime now and I know she’s an awesome cook. I felt as if I already knew her. This is one amazing woman who has been dealt some interesting cards, to say the least, and she just shines despite the past. She has an amazing attentive husband, Robby, and two awesome dogs, Lucy and Jaru.

We arrived and were greeted with Monnie smashing her face in the window and the dogs barking excited to meet new people. I instantly recognized the yellow walls I have seen in the pictures. Her home is beautiful and reflects her well. We were introduced to more of Monnie’s friends Tsiporah and E. E and Mini Red became instant friends and had a blast playing with the dogs as Tsiporah Monnie and I talked, well… I talked... a lot, as if we had all been friends for some time.

Soon after Robby walked in and opened the wine and we were all sitting down to eat a most fabulous meal. Come to find out Robby is a runner and Tsiporah is training to run a marathon. I told her I would be glad to volunteer and hand out water or whatever if she needed anyone at her training meets. I’m so excited for her. Maybe one day I will finally run a marathon.

We had an awesome time and feel as if we have a new group of friends. Monnie is an amazing woman and an inspiration.

Next time my camera won’t fail me and I’ll get a picture of Monnie's impression of a Camel Back Spider. Hahahaha.

It was great to finally meet you Chica and see we redheads aren’t so mystical after all.

See what Monnie had to say about us. The Reds are Coming!