April 20, 2007

My two cents

These Virginia Tech murders have been a nightmare. So many questions are being asked and everyone is trying to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. On top of that there is so much finger-pointing going on.

Yes we all have questions as to how this boy’s misery came to this. We may not know all the answers just like so many other events in history that are shrouded in mystery and cover-up. As Americans I think we have learned to accept that we may not be given all the answers. Right now it’s a media field day and it seems to be more about this psycho boy and less about honoring the victims.

No matter who you are this tragedy is affecting you in one way or another as a student, a parent or even just as a friend. I can’t help but do my own finger pointing and wonder if his parents knew him at all.

Yesterday morning Mini Red and I were talking:

Red: Do you know why I ask so many questions about school and your friends and how you’re feeling about this and that?

Mini Red: So I don’t end up like that boy?

Red: No, so I know you. If there is a problem then I can be there for you and help you. To know you and recognize if something might be wrong.

Mini Red: Oh.

Red: You should be able to come to me with anything. I may not like everything I hear but I am here for you.

Some reports say this boy may have been schizophrenic and there is so much speculation as to why? If he was schizophrenic then shouldn’t his parents have known this and gotten him help? Did they ever even talk to him? Because it seems as if there was a lot going on that they were unaware of even though all signs seemed to be there.

As our kids grow older we gradually lose control and have to trust in the values we have instilled in them. We also have to trust the rest of the world not to hurt them. I don’t see how any measure could have been put into place to have avoided this tragedy other than his own parents taking notice of him and helping him a long time ago.

I can’t see how after the first murders, in the dorm, anyone could have figured it all out and avoided the next strike. It’s Friday and they are still trying to figure out why this happened. We don’t live in a utopia and thank goodness we aren’t living like George Orwell’s 1984 because this seems to be the only way to possibly avoid just such tragedies.

No one can control the world and these happening can’t be controlled except by parents taking care of their kids. Let’s honor our deceased and the wonderful lives they led. This horrible boy is gone so let’s concentrate on making better parents and communication. Because this, I believe, is the key to avoiding these happenings in the future.

Just my two cents.