April 24, 2007

Snow last weekend, Sun and Water this weekend.

This past weekend the Reds were traveling again. This time we were off to Connecticut for a baby shower for SIL. I would say the best part was I didn’t have to drive but the place we stayed was probably my favorite part.

We stayed at the Madison Beach Hotel on Long Island Sound. This place is beautiful with its old time charm. It was a great family bonding time since the whole fam damily was there not to mention the long trip and our close quarters on the drive.

I couldn't get enough of walking around the grounds and along the water but I think Mini Red enjoyed it more. Sunday morning the water was so calm and Mini Red explored and found some beautiful shells.

We made great time on Sunday and arrived home around 2:30. Mini Red and I then headed into town for a book festival. We bumped into some friends and they joined us in our quest for ice cream. We got to the ice cream shop in the nick of time because they were running out of ice cream and closing up.

The best part was the girl scooping was beat and raised her arm to wipe her brow and exposed her hairy armpit. I have to wonder if there are hairnets for the hairy armpits. Shouldn’t they be required? I certainly lost my appetite for the ice cream and decided to have bottled water instead.