May 9, 2007

I’m Done!

As in:
Accomplished, a wrap, all in, all over, brought about, buttoned up, compassed, complete, completed, concluded, consummated, depleted, done in, done with, down, drained, effected, effete, ended, executed, exhausted, finished, fixed, fulfilled, over, perfected, performed, realized, rendered, set, spent, succeeded, terminated, through, used up, wired, wrought.

I'm talking about my first credited college course. That is… Until the next class which begins May 29th.

Since the Summer semester is condensed I’ll have this class twice a week, 6 to 11 pm, for eight weeks. I was a little nervous signing up and committing not only myself but Mom but we all know what we are getting into. I finally signed up last night and it’s a good thing too since there was only one seat left.

I have a few family members that recently needed help with their computers and I’m usually on-call for them. I have forewarned them there is a chance I might be calling them for help with Mini Red while I’m at class. This wasn’t my intention when I was helping them but hey why not?