May 7, 2007

I think The Undertaker is in town

Today, Mini Red and I (along with the rest of DC) decided it was a good day for the Zoo. It was the type of weather where you keep taking your sweatshirt on and off. The shade was real cool but the sun felt good and the indoors were real warm.

We went into the small Mammal house and when we came out I got Mini Red an icee thingy. We moved to the side so I could put my sweatshirt back on and this big entourage of scary looking people goes walking by. They were lead by this HUGE dude who was being very loud.

This evening I’m doing a little searching to find out who this guy might be. He kinda looked like some wrestler. I found that the WWE Smackdown is coming to Baltimore and looks like it was just in Virginia. I found a pic of The Undertaker guy and Mini Red and I think this was the dude we saw at the Zoo today. This is when she tells me he was carrying a stuffed prairie dog under his arm. Evidently, he looked right at her and said "I CARRY MY PRAIRIE DOG WITH PRIDE!" I don’t know how I missed that since I was standing right next to her. Maybe I was pulling the sweatshirt over my head at that moment.

Did anyone else see this guy?