May 6, 2007

I’m in a funk and you, my lucky readers, are who I’m going to complain to. Part III

Part III: Mother's Day

Mother’s Day makes me kinda sad. Mini Red is at her Dad’s that weekend but I’m gonna try to get her back early.

My first Mother’s Day there was a necklace I wanted that said “MoM”. I told FN at least a month in advance that I wanted this necklace and how much it was and where to get it. I was looking forward to Mother’s Day because I curious to see how it felt. Mother’s Day was always important to me because it was the one day to really let Mom know how much we appreciate all her hard work. When I was younger I would often times bring Mom breakfast in bed. Even though I couldn’t cook anything I’m told I once brought her bread (un-toasted) and jelly. Sometimes we would go do something after church but as we got older Mom’s request changed and she just wanted us to do yard work with her and Dad. This is when us kids did most of our yard work.

I was so excited when I woke that morning because that year it was my day too. FN knew what I wanted and I was expecting a cooked breakfast or breakfast out. He did go and get doughnuts and then at noon we went to the store to get the necklace for me. I was disappointed that he hadn’t gone and gotten it on his own but I still had high hopes for the day. We got to the store and he watched the baby so I could get my purchase but I couldn’t because they were sold out. No Mother’s Day gift for me on my first Mother’s Day. I had hoped he had at least planned something to celebrate this day but he didn’t. We went home and it was like any other Sunday. I was disappointed.

I love that I’m a Mother and it is the best thing that has ever happened in my life but this day to celebrate my Motherness has never quite been as expected. I guess it’s hard to articulate what I’ve expected and I must sound like a whiney baby but you can’t help feeling like you feel. Mother’s Day is about my Mother not me and I can’t help but feel it will never be my day.

This is the last part in my three part funk rant, although, I could do another about work but I won't. As you’ve probably noticed I turned off comments for these three rants because I’m not looking for anything else other than purging this out of my system. Just writing it made me feel better although I’m a bit nervous about it really being OUT THERE. Then again it is my blog and I’ll do what I want to.

Thank you for reading and thank you for, hopefully, not judging. I’m off to nag Mini Red to clean her room so we can do something after her religion class. I guess this is my unofficial Mother’s Day.