May 11, 2007

So I'm fickle about my waxer, shouldn't I be?

Frida Kahlo

On our way home from Mini Red's swimming I decided to stop and get waxed. My eyebrows and upper lip that is. My hair is fair and hardly noticeable but I do this for me.

There's this one place I go and all the girls there are nice and I like the job they do. No matter how much you prepare yourself for that strip to be ripped off it still shocks you. Usually the girl will put pressure on the spot recently traumatized by pressing on it. Surprisingly, this does help.

Today I had the same girl I had last time and I swear this one is a masochist. She won’t apply the pressure once she rips the wax off. Last time she made the comment that that my eyebrows are uneven as if this is a bad thing. No one is even check out your boobs cause I'm betting they aren't even either, honey! This time when she was finished she looked at me and commented on how red I was. Of course I’m red! I have fair skin you nim wit.

I think I’m ready to find a new place for the waxing. Maybe I’m fickle about my waxer but that’s my prerogative.

On another note…

I had a bit of a fit with FN tonight. I asked about picking up Mini Red early on Mother’s Day and he offered two hours earlier than usual meaning 3pm. What is the use in that? The day is already gone. Well they had planned a barbecue and he didn’t even think about the fact that I’m the Mom and its Mother’s Day. He said I should have said something earlier. What am I supposed to do, tell him to help Mini Red do something nice for me for Mother’s Day? Shouldn’t that be a given?

He has since moved his family barbecue to Saturday and has now offered to bring Mini Red home real early, rather than me picking her up, so she and I can head to Kings Dominion on Mother’s Day.

I’m much happier now.