May 15, 2007

We almost had a no hitter

Dad had tickets to tonight’s Nats game against the Braves and asked Mini Red and I to join he and Mom. I was itching to make it to a game and my company didn’t get tickets this year so I made sure the folks knew I was interested in going.

The metro ride there was irritating to say the least. There was constant waiting to clear the track, or whatever, on the Red line as well as the Blue line. It’s a good thing we got an early start.

The seats were great and we had room until the three rows in front of us showed up. They all obviously work together and the company was paying. The beer guy even commented that he loved this section. A few times Dad and I tried to get in on a free beer from them but no luck.

The game was awesome but there weren’t many hits. In fact the Braves had no hits and we thought we were going to have a no hitter but that all changed in the 8th inning. It was outta the park so to speak. Dad was disappointed because he thought he was going to get to witness history. In the end the Nats won 2 to 1, which makes four consecutive wins

I was watching a game the other night and the batter crossed himself before each time he was about to swing. He did it so fast that some might not even notice it but it’s his lucky charm I guess. You know baseball is one of the more superstitious sports and I have to wonder… When does a player say enough is enough with a superstition? Do you keep wearing those lucky unwashed socks when the fungus on your feet is getting out of control? When do you say this superstition isn’t working anymore? If it isn’t working anymore do you stop or just add another element to it? I bet it’s all like OCD on steroids, huh?