May 29, 2007

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Mini Red wanted to address each of you and thank you for your support but we’ve run out of time this weekend. Thank you for the support it is very much appreciated.

Tuesday morning I will be driving her to school and talking to the counselors. I don't see a need for the two girls to talk and want to know that the school will be taking care of the situation.

Cross your fingers for us.

This week begins another phase for me and that will be another college course. In my first class I earned an A (a/k/a 4.0). Wahoo! This next class is condensed to 8 weeks and therefore twice a week. This will be tough because each class consists of lecture and lab bringing each class to almost 5 hrs.

So if the posts are few and far between this is why.

This weekend Mini Red saw “The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. First, she saw it with her Dad and again today with me at the Uptown. I’ve asked her to write a review so keep an eye out. Then again she has a busy week herself including the last concert of the year and ending the week with a Nats game.

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend. I for one am not looking forward to work tomorrow.