June 3, 2007

I hope next week isn't as tough

It has been a very chaotic week. Not sure how I’m gonna do this for another seven weeks but hopefully Mini Red’s drama is over and that will help a lot.

After all the crap with the hate list there was more to the story. The bully had bothered Mini Red so much that she wrote some not so nice things in her journal. Mini Red had a friend spend the night some weeks ago and somehow the friend saw the journal and told the bully. This is, supposedly, why the hate list was created. Then Mini Red retaliated and created her own hate list. She had a few people sign it but then trashed it realizing it was wrong. She hadn’t told me about it because she knew I would not be happy but she readily admitted it to the school administration.

After all that the two girls were punished equally and were suspended from going to the amusement park with the school and I’m out the money. I wrote a long email to the principal and the counselors stating that I agreed with Mini Red being punished BUT pointed out that her punishment was by her own admission of acting out after being bullied whereas they had the bully’s hate list in their hands.

I know the school is limited and can only deal with this so far. My concerns have been noted and Mini Red has learned that retaliation has put her in the same light as the bully. This also means she should have listened to Mom from the git.

Tuesday, I started my class and there are a whole different lot of people in this class. I have learned there are different levels of geeks. I consider myself a geek but then there is a higher level of geekdome. This higher level consider themselves to be the End-All-Be-All and compete to show how awesomely smart they are. Two such people found each other in my class and during the break proceeded to attempt to communicate right in front of me. I swear they were both speaking a different language and weren’t listening to each other. They were loud and I have concluded this is to help others understand just how smart they are. On top of that they are both in their mid forties yet the dude talked like he was in high school and would use words such as “Sweeeet!” These are also the two people that will pop out of their seat grab your mouse and show you something rather than letting the teacher answer a question you have just asked. I am staying very quiet in this class and becoming very amused by all the different characters but if someone pops up behind me and grabs my mouse my redheaded temper might just get the best of me.

Wednesday, brought a bit of a free day. The family dinner was cancelled so I met up with Mrs. M for a run. It was a tough run since we had been slacking the last week and it was hot out. We pushed forward and it felt good but dehydrated us. I cleaned up after sucking down a ton of water, and took Mini Red for a bite to eat before we headed to Columbia to water a friend’s property since they are out of town. I swear there just aren’t enough hours in a day and for a free day we were pretty busy.

The second class, on Thursday, was much better and some familiar faces showed from my spring class. We have been given our first assignment and I’m enjoying it.

Thursday, definitely required some scheduling so I could get to class. Mini Red had her last swimming class and her last concert of the school year plus my parents were heading out of town for a wedding. I didn’t want to miss class so I did some planning. She would have to miss swimming because the concert is part of her grade. I contacted her father and I was able to get him to come out and get her to the concert. This meant he needed to get her before I had to leave at 5pm and have her at the school by 6pm for the 7pm concert. He didn’t want to have to feed her so I would leave work early to do that. He said something about an hour not being enough time. Go figure. After the concert he would drop her off at my cousins and I would pick her up from there on my way home from school. Sounds easy but that’s a lot of people to pull together.

Things got a little turned around when the day came but it all worked out and her Dad took her shopping and out to get a bite before the concert. Mini Red did well in the concert but, evidently, it was so hot that everyone was soaked with sweat by the time it was over.

Friday, brought the end to a crazy week and a change of plans for Mini Red. The original plan was the Nats game and she and I would each bring a friend. Instead she babysat for the cousins kids and they came to the game with me. The Nats pulled it out to win in the bottom of the 10th and Mini Red earned some money to pay me back for the money I wasn’t getting refunded on that school trip she was suspended from. She did an excellent job taking care of the kids and I couldn’t be more proud. So I let her keep the money. She has gotten off easy and I’m out money but if she has learned some lessons then it’s all worth it.