June 4, 2007

I just don't get no better than a rainy Sunday

Today has been a relaxed rainy Sunday. Thank goodness cause I needed it. This is why I got stuff done yesterday.

I did accomplish a huge task that has been looming over my head. Scheduling and planning Mini Red's summer as well as creating the color coded calendar is now marked off on my to do list. I feel so much better that it is all planned now. Phew!

We were then treated to a nice dinner and finished it off with a movie at home. If you haven’t seen it Happy Feet is a fun movie for just such a day as this.

All evening Mini Red has been working my nerves. I usually offer to beat her, which often gets strange looks when we are out in public. This evening I tried sitting on her but that didn’t help. She finally got into bed and I went in for my usual kiss goodnight once the lights were off. This is when Mini Red said, “Thanks for not beating me tonight Mom.”