June 5, 2007

The Reds went a Running

Last night was my night to run with Mrs. M but due to thunderstorms we had to cancel. So when I got home I piled my hair in a bunch and was putting on some comfy clothes when I noticed IT. There was a big white hair at the top of my head. Not gray because redheads don’t turn gray but white.

I tried to take a photo but it didn’t do it justice. I guess I’m not really surprised and I’m grateful to still have my natural color at my ripe old age of 38. I’m gonna chalk this white hair up to the chaos that is my life lately. At least life has not been boring.

Mini Red and I decided to dive into our leftovers and turn on “John Tucker Must Die” during the storm. I dozed and she got on the computer. It wasn’t long before the movie was over and so was the storm so I gave Mini Red options as to what was gonna happen next.

She could get off the computer and clean her room while I worked on my project for class or we could get out and go for a walk/run. She opted for the walk/run and soon realized there would definitely be running. We had tried to get it together to run before but it never happened. I’ve suggest running since she is often out of breath after swimming and wanted to improve her running for gym.

We walked up the hill and as soon as we were on a downward slope I suggested running. We hadn’t even gotten two blocks before she wanted to stop and complained of a side cramp. I told her to walk if she needed to but walk fast and I would continue running but not far away from her. She pushed herself to keep up or rather keep down. She didn’t understand that running didn’t mean she had to be fast just consistent at least while her body was warming up.

She offered up the definition of running as only one foot on the ground at a time. This means she is listening in school… Wahoo!

We had a great time and I gave her some pointers but explained I’m no great runner by any means. We discussed the how running benefits not only your muscles and lungs but great for your mind. She also got a lesson on spitting since I think I might have the beginning of a cold and tossed a few loogies. She wanted to try but ended up spitting on her shoes. I explained that when running your flem can get thick so you hock it up and roll it on your tongue so you can shoot it out as far away from yourself as possible. Plus when you do shoot it out you make sure no one is around to see you, no spitting on cars and more importantly no spitting on yourself. Spitting as well as burps and farts do happen when running but there is no reason that you can’t try to maintain a lady like sense about you.

By the end of our run she was beat and I was just warmed up. She was walking and I was running back and forth so we were never far from each other. Part of me wanted to just give her the keys so I could go for longer but it was getting dark and with my luck she would lock me out. So I ran around the apartment building and up seven flights of stairs while she walked in the front door and took the elevator. We were drenched with sweat due to the humidity and I gave her the last lesson which is to drink a ton of water and shower as soon as possible because we were stanky.